Plymouth and District Leukaemia Fund

We help patients, who develop leukaemia & similar disorders, and who are treated in Plymouth, by providing equipment and facilities to enable them to have the best possible care and support.

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The Annual General Meeting will be held by zoom on Wednesday 27th April at 19:30.
The link for the meeting is:

Meeting ID: 837 7467 7894
Passcode: 216351

After the formal meeting there will be two talks on Haematology topics (titles are still being finalised).

Thank you for your interest in PDLF – hope to see you there.
Adrian Copplestone


20th October 2021 Important news re Donations and Fundraising

Virgin Money Giving has announced that its platform is closing on 30th November this year.

PDLF has set up a new account with Just Giving.  This can be reached on this link.


The official address for correspondence with PDLF is now 14 Morley Drive, Crapstone, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 7UY

About PDLF

People who develop Leukaemia (and similar disorders: e.g. Lymphomas, Multiple Myeloma, Myelodysplastic Syndromes & Myeloproliferative Diseases) require complicated treatments and often require long spells in hospital.  PDLF helps by providing equipment and facilities that are not available on the NHS, to enable them to have the best possible care and support.  Some patients come from further afield in the South West Peninsula for Stem Cell Transplants.

With the help of patients, relatives and volunteers, PDLF has raised over £1.8 million in the last 30 years and helped set up Stem Cell Transplantation & Molecular Biology and helped create better inpatient facilities and a new Day Case Unit.  Very little money is spent on administration and expenses: only insurance, licences and other requirements.

PDLF also supports research into malignant haematological diseases and this helps in the diagnosis and management of these illnesses.

Fundraising and Membership

It is easy to become a member of PDLF.

Simply email the Membership Secretary Joanna Farrugia with details of your name, address and email address. It is also helpful to give us some information on your interest in the Fund.

Membership fees are £5 annually, Families £7.50 annually.

Newsletters are sent out periodically and can be found on our News page.

The Annual General Meeting is held in April, and is a chance to meet other members.


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What we have done

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Barn Dance raised £1,164 and was great fun


Research is important because it stimulates people to think about new approaches and keep up to date. Haematology has been a rapidly developing field over the last 50 years, with many of the successes in understanding and treating cancer coming from research on blood diseases.

Plymouth has always been actively involved in Clinical Trials in both national treatment schedules and the use of new drugs. Professor Simon Rule heads up the Research Office, which is currently running 30 clinical trials.

PDLF has been pleased to fund research over the years

  • Mapping of leukaemia and lymphoma against local water distribution
  • Growth of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) cells
  • Immunity to CLL

PDLF has also funded 4 PhDs and has just approved another;  the supervisor is Dr Claire Hutchinson.

PDLF has also set up the Molecular Biology Laboratory and all the facilities for separating, culturing, freezing and storing Stem Cells for clinical use. In recent years, this has been outsourced to a commercial provider.

Our Trustees

Adrian Copplestone

Chairman & Secretary

Joanna Farrugia

Membership Secretary

Chris Allen


Tim Nokes


Dawn James


Jill Kuhr


Lesley Teasdale

Research Trials Office

We currently have two vacancies and we are looking for a Treasurer

Need help?

We’re friendly and available to help, please reach out to us anytime and we’ll happily answer your questions.


PDLF, c/o Bracken Ward
Derriford Hospital
Plymouth PL6 8DH

PDLF, c/o A Copplestone
14 Morley Drive, Crapstone, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 7UY

Phone: 07766885326

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