What we have done

What we have done

It is very hard to list all the things PDLF has achieved over the past 40 years!

But it includes

  • the provision of barrier rooms on Birch Ward
  • setting up Bone marrow harvests, including the processing,  freezing and storage of stem cells
  • setting up Molecular Biology lab
  • Enhancements to new barrier rooms on Bracken Ward
  • Conversion of Birch Ward to modern Day Case Unit
  • Training Nursing and medical staff
  • Research (see separate section)

In the last five years we have

  • provided equipment for laboratory research
  • funded the set-up of gene sequencer
  • provided water coolers for the Ward and Day Case Unit
  • funded SCT data manager
  • agreed to fund PhD student for 3 years
  • paid for half of the costs of an extension to Bracken Ward
  • purchased a Doppler U/S machine